Analytics tools: Track consumer behavior

What is the point of putting an effort into marketing if you can not track it?

We recommend following tools to track your customer journey and marketing efforts on your website.

Google Analytics

Why use it:

•  Find out which online campaigns bring most traffic and conversions.

•  Find where are your best customers located.

•  Visualize what people click on when they visit your website.

•  Find & uncover your top performing content.

•  Discover where people are abandoning your shopping cart.




Deeply understands every user’s journey with instant insights for everyone on mobile and the web.

Why use it:

•  Engagement: Measure the actions users take on your product.

•  Funnel: Pinpoint where and why you are losing customers.

•  A/B testing: find the optimal experience for your customers by A/B testing.

•  Notifications: Get your customers to come back with push notifications.


Free version available for beginners.


Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Find your hottest opportunities for growth today.

Why use it:

•  Visualize behavior: Understand what users want by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior.

•  Create Heatmaps: Discover where users click and how much time they spend.

•  Visitor Recordings: Record videos of your user behavior on your site and improve your UX.


Free version available: 2000 page views/day