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Cynthia Carley

Owner: ApparelWiz

30+ Years of Experience

Fashion Product Development Expert


Fashion business and product development expert. Worked in the apparel centers of LA, NY and SF. 30 years experience working for small to larger companies.


We offer a variety of services:

  • Sourcing
  • Patterns
  • Grading
  • Tech Packs
  • Factory Referrals


” Thanks so much to all of you for doing this. We had great Feedback Chair sessions and the consultation was so appreciated by all. Thanks for making that class work so well and keeping them well informed and motivated to keep going.

Paul Terry 

Business Plan Instructor | Renaissance Center Entrepreneur Center

“Hi Carley,  I didn’t get to see the samples yet but Kaersten loved them. Thanks again for your help and hard work.

Chris Andolsek

Production Manager | Marge Clothing

Customers and Products: | Carley developed all the apparel on their website.


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