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Omni Channel Managed Services for Fashion Businesses


The path to becoming a fashion designer is full of adventure, hard work, and excitement. It takes persistence to keep going despite any setbacks to achieve your goals.

To become a successful fashion designer, you need to be proficient at Creative Design skills & Business Skills.

Each side requires its own subset of skills, as you can see below.

As a fashion designer, you have limited time and you want to focus on what you love, which is creative design skills. But to run you fashion design as a business, you have to handle business sides of things as well.

How do you handle that?

Typically, designers have 2 options:

1, Do it yourself. or

2, Get a co-founder or hire an employee to manage it

Each option comes with its own Pros and Cons.

If you do it yourself, it would take more than 50% of your time. If you get a co-founder or hire an employee, then either you must give away 20-30% of equity or pay them a significant salary.

Challenges of hiring a team or multiple agencies:

•  You must manage them personally.

•  The time you would spend on vetting out the right agency.

•  Hiring agencies, that would handle different aspects for you. But then keeping track of each agency gets time-consuming.

•  Cost Effectiveness: Each agency would charge you $100-$200 per task, so if you hire one for SEO, Website management, Social media management, Content writing etc, the cost can easily rise to few thousand per month.

•  Finally, you want someone who understands fashion business, so they would know the best practices.

These options can be detrimental to your business if not handled properly, especially when you are in the early stages.

We talked with multiple fashion designers and fashion colleges and found that this is a critical problem faced by most of the designers.

Our Solution: Omni-Channel Managed Services

To help fashion businesses tackle these problems, we created Rogueline’s Managed Services.

Our team is well-versed fashion vertical and we are one stop shop for anything you would need to run a successful fashion business.

Our goal is to be your marketing/product backbone, so you can focus on what you love, which is fashion design. And we make sure that everything you need to run your business is running like a well-oiled machine.

We will make sure that:

•  Your Ecommerce store is created with best practices and it runs perfectly.

•  Apply best SEO tactics to your website.

•  Create optimized customer checkout process for increased conversions.

•  Create Marketing Strategy for you: Social Media, Email, SMS, Content marketing.

•  Work with you to write best sales emails.

•  Implement best analytical tools.

•  and more… (see chart below)

Consulting for fashion designers


This way, you can have peace of mind and you can focus on what you love.

Benefits of using Managed Services:

•  You can start with minimal cost.

•  It grows as you grow.

•  Process Automation and Optimization.

Drop us a message for free chat and let us show you how we can help you.

Contact us at [email protected]




  1. Stacey says:

    oh this is so cool. I am working on starting my fashion line and didn’t realize how much time it takes to create website and marketing strategy done, correctly. I have sent you an email, please contact me and I would like to learn more about the Business package.

    • Vishal Kalia says:

      thanks Stacey, Someone will be reaching out to you today.

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