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How I got 313 likes, 39 clicks for $5 on Facebook.

What if you have the best content but nobody knows that it exists?

Surprisingly, companies & bloggers do fall into this trap. They spend 80% of the time, creating amazing content and only 20% promoting it. They should actually be spending most of their time promoting the content.

I used to fall into that trap, not long ago. 🙂 But I modified my approach.

Your Facebook fan page could serve as one of the best ways to drive traffic & promote your content.

As of March 2017, Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users with 17% YoY increase. Which is amazing but there are 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily on Facebook.

So your content is competing with 4.75 billion other pieces. WHOA. How do you make your content stand out and reach your audience?

You could spend a lot of money on Ads to make sure your content gets in front of the audience.

OR you could try Facebook Boost Post for $5 and get results.

Call me cheap, but starting your own company is tough on your wallet, especially when you are bootstrapping it. I wanted to get my content in front of my target audience but did not have few hundred dollars to spend on the advertising.

So out of desperation, I started A/B/C testing various ways to promote my blog post to a maximum number of users.

Below is the path I took, maybe it could work for you but I would let you decide on your own.

Step 1: Strategy

You must decide what do you want to achieve. eg: more likes, shares, signups, drive traffic etc.

Once you know what you want (for me, I wanted to get most likes for the post & likes for my fan page) you are ready to start.

Step 2: Create Content

This is a no brainer, that your content is the key ingredient. If your content is not epic, then no amount of advertising is not going to help you.

When I was deciding which post to write, I researched on Google, BuzzSumo etc sites to find out which were the most popular topics that users were searching for and shared the content for.

Google shared it most searched fashion related queries for 2016 and “How do I start modeling” was one of the top 10. Upon further searching and running surveys, I also found that a lot of younger crowd wanted to get a job in a fashion company. That lead to the post, “4 Steps to Land Dream Job at Fashion Company.”

So find a topic that solves a niche problem for your niche and target audience.

Step 3: Choose Image

Next step is choosing the right image that will show up when you share your post on Facebook. There are multiple options, you can choose:

•  Plain image.

•  Image with text.

•  Graphs.

•  Celebrity image etc.

Choose what fits your post. I have tested a different type of images for different topics. What I found that catchy colorful image with minimum or no text gave the best returns.

Step 4: Choose Audience

This is where the magic happened. Since I had limited budget of $5, I wanted to make sure that I got best returns. So I went for most niche audience I possibly could in the top countries I wanted to target.

I picked close to 15 countries that I wanted to target.

facebook ad tricks

Audience details:

facebook ad tricks

It gave me a potential reach of 35,000 people.

I know, given that Facebook has 1.86 billion people, 35,000 seems like a drop in an ocean. But that’s what my goal was to target niche audience so I can get best returns.

The reason, I choose Job Titles as Clothing and Fashion designers because they would be the one’s who would be most interested in getting a job at their dream fashion company.

Step 5: Choose Appropriate Time

A lot of studies have been done that share best time to post on Facebook. A study by coschedule states that best time is at 1 pm and 3 pm on Thursday, Friday, Sat.

But you have to see what works best for you. I ran few tests at different times and found out that for my audience, 8 pm on Tuesday/Thursday worked best.

Step 6: Measure Results

This the most critical step. You have to measure to see what works best for your vertical.

Facebook Ad manager offers detailed insights into your ad performance.

Keep a close eye on which country’s audience responses to your ad, their age group, the percentage of men vs women etc. This will help you to keep improving your ads.

As you can see, I received following results. The engagement was pretty good and it drove a decent amount of clicks to the website.

facebook advertising tricks



facebook advertising tricks

Will it work for you?


I know you were expecting to hear, Yes, of course, it will work for you but the truth is it depends on your target audience.

It took me a couple of tries over few posts to figure out what combination worked for me.

I would suggest, you do the same. Test out few variations, until you find the one that gives you the best bang for the buck.

Benefits of this approach:

1, Gained maximum engagement post-boost.

2, More Facebook fans.

The side benefit of running facebook post boost is, it gives you an opportunity to invite everyone who engaged with your post.

This gave me best returns & ability to increase my Facebook fans because now I was inviting people who have engaged with my brand and were not stranger to Rogueline.

facebook advertising tricks



Facebook post boost can work well and can drive target traffic to your website. The best way to find out which configuration of audience works for you is by testing different ones.

I am still running multiple tests with every post and improving it daily. Who knows few posts from now, I could have an improved approach that works better than this.




  1. Felicity says:

    Hi Vishal, this is a great post. How many days did you run the ad for?

    • Vishal Kalia says:

      Hi Felicity

      thank you. I boosted the post for 1 day for $5. You can run it for as long as you want. But I would recommend that you run it for $5 (lifetime budget) and if you get a great response, then add more money to it.

      But if you see, it’s not working well, then you can modify it accordingly, before investing a lot of money.

      The goal is to try, test and adjust depending on how the audience reacts.

      If you have further questions, please do let me know.

  2. Kathy says:

    I see you picked lot of countries other than US, but my business is in US, Should I still pick other countries in order to get more engagement for my post?thanks

    • Vishal Kalia says:

      Hello Kathy
      It depends. The reason we picked 15 countries is because we are targeting fashion businesses in all those countries and offer consultation for all of them.

      If you are only focused in US, then picking other countries would not make sense. You should focus on your niche audience in the areas where you want to sell your product or services. Because only then the leads you get via boosting your post, would be relevant.

      But, if your goal is to drive traffic to your blog to get more views regardless of their location, then you can target audience outside US.

      Creating your target audience will depend on case to case basis and you can make the decision that is best suited for your business.


  3. Jackson says:

    thanks for sharing the information, it’s very helpful.

    • Vishal Kalia says:

      your welcome Jackson.

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