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Boost Website Traffic with this Easy Trick


In this post, we will focus on fashion designers can boost website traffic by applying this easy technique.

Every product is a commodity product because there are thousands of choices that are available to the consumer, therefore it’s very important to stand out.

“A web search query is a query that a user enters into a web search engine to satisfy his or her information needs.”

When a customer is looking for pants, shoes, dresses etc, the first step in search, starts with the user entering a ‘query’ in a search engine (let’s say Google for our case).

According to Wikipedia, a query is A web search query is a query that a user enters into a web search engine to satisfy his or her information needs.

So, as a designer why should you care?

When the user searches for a query to find a product, they are in the ‘exploring/researching’ stage and you want results from your website to appear on Google. (there are over 200+ factors Google uses to determine where you rank, but that’s for different post).

For now, let’s say user searches for “men’s dress shoes’ and we see the natural/organic results.

Google shows results with your page’s Title & Description. These are the titles and descriptions of your product page.

increase website traffic

When the user is scrolling thru to see which results to click on, they are reading the Title and Description to determine that and it becomes very crucial that your result stands out.

How can you improve your odds that user would click on your results?

Page Title Tag

•  Keyword: Place your most important, relevant keywords in title tag.

•  Length: Keep your title’s length shorter than 60 characters because anything beyond that can get cut off by Google.

•  Information: Title should tell the user, what the page is about in most concise and accurate way possible.

•  Brand: Add your brand name in the title tag.

eg: Men’s Dress Shoes | Macy’s

Page Description Tag

•  Keyword: Place your keywords as part of the description.Google highlights the search query keywords if they are in the description. This would help your search results stand out and increase your click thru rate.

•  Length: The optimal length should be around 140-160 characters.

•  Information: This should be a detailed description that entices user and lets them know exactly if the page contains the information they are looking for.

Google highlights the terms that user searched for, in this case, user searched for “men’s dress shoes”

boost website traffic

The top 10 keywords in a title that leads to most clicks are: 

(according to Kissmetrics)

•  How to

•  Listed numbers

•  Free

•  You

•  Tips

•  Blog post

•  Why

•  Best

•  Tricks

•  Great

As you can see, these are easiest changes to make when creating your product page but they can be extremely helpful for the user and can boost website traffic.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Interesting tip to attract traffic; who knew internet searching could be so complex.

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