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15 Tips to Increase Facebook Page Engagement


If you are a fashion blogger or fashion designer, Facebook can play a key role in driving traffic to your website.

How powerful is Facebook, let’s look at some statistics:

•  1.79 Billion MAUs (Monthly Active Users), that is 16% increase year after year.

•  4.9 Billion likes generated daily, 67% increase since 2012.

•  1.18 Billion people log into Facebook daily.

•  300 Million photos are uploaded daily.

•  4.7 Billion pieces of content are shared daily.

It becomes critical that as a designer and blogger you utilize your Facebook page to drive traffic.

But how do you increase engagement for your Facebook page? We share 15 tips that you can use to do that. Let’s dive into them:

1, Know when your audience is online

Facebook offers great insights into when your fans are online. Why is this information critical? Because if you know when your fans are online, you can share posts during that window and increase engagement.

How do you find that data?

Visit your company page > click Insights > click Posts > Select When Your Fans are Online

This will bring you to the screen shown below and you can see when your fans are online and post accordingly.

facebook insights: when are your fans online

2, Crowdsource Feedback

People love giving feedback, that’s in our nature. So why not engage with your fans and ask them.

Ask your fans feedback on new product, design, logo etc and they will jump on it. And if you implement their suggestion into your business, imagine how wonderful would it make them feel.

This will increase loyalty among your fans leading to more business.

3, Ask a Question

Questions increase engagement, it makes people think about your product and gives them the urge to respond & be recognized.

eg: Kraft asked their audience question related to their field and got immense engagement within a short period.

ask your facebook fans a question

You can ask questions related to your business, such as:

•  What’s your favorite dress?

•  If you could only wear 1 lipstick, which one would that be?

•  Jeans or Skirts, which do you wear the most?

The list is endless but you get the point.

4, Make your fans laugh

I know, you created your Facebook company page for business but a little humor never hurts anyone. Make your fans laugh or giggle with something funny you did or someone in your industry.

funny post on facebook

5, Share photos from Instagram

I discovered this while I was researching on how to increase engagement on my photos. Buzzsumo conducted a research and found that “images posted via Instagram get 23% more engagement.”

study by buzzsumo: instagram images get better engagement than facebook

In a way, it makes sense because data by Brand Watch shows that “Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter.”

Link your Facebook account with your Instagram, so that whenever you post an image on Instagram, it automatically gets posted on Facebook.

6, Share native Videos

We all have seen huge engagement with videos in the past year. One would think that sharing YouTube videos would be a good strategy.

But you would be wrong.

Data shows that videos uploaded directly to Facebook receive much more engagement than YouTube videos.

directly embedded FB videos get more engagement than youtube videos

7, Behind the scenes Videos

It’s human nature to know what is behind the curtain. The same curiosity will reside in your fans, so why not capitalize on that.

Share Behind the Scenes videos and snaps with your audience. Behind the scenes footage doesn’t necessarily has to be for a fashion show, it can be about:

•  How do employees have fun in your company?

•  How your social media manager is preparing for next post?

•  Glimpse into your cafeteria.

The list is endless; figure out what will resonate with your audience and experiment with it.

8, Post Frequency, adjust if needed

This ties into tip #1, once you figure out what times your audience is online; don’t post every post during that time frame.

Pick 2-3 time slots during the day and try different posts during those time slots to see which ones get the most engagement.

The reason being, other companies might be scheduling their posts the same way. So, you might get a better engagement at the different time slot, even though fewer fans be online.

9, Engage with fans who leave comments

This is an absolute must. If a fan has left a comment on your post, make sure you engage with them. You will be surprised how many brands often forget it, once they start becoming popular.

If a fan leaves a negative comment, look at it as an opportunity to have a dialogue. Figure out what happened that made them mad and try to resolve it. This type of engagement can often turn a negative fan into an evangelist.

10, Run a poll

Walmart created a clever poll to get more likes and share on their post.

conduct a poll on facebook

This promotion worked very well for them especially because it was right before thanksgiving. You can create polls like this for your fans, especially around a holiday.

It could have dual benefit; you can get more likes & shares.

11, Get emotional

Logic makes us understand, emotions makes us act. Connect with your fans on an emotional level.

Share story or image about your

•  First date or first crush.

•  Emotions you felt when you received your first order.

•  Emotions you felt when you moved into new office space.

Let your fans connect with you on a human level and they will begin to form a bond with you.

12, Piggyback on what’s trending

Keep tabs on what is trending in your industry. There are companies that monitor trends for you and often make it available for the public.

Facebook and Twitter shows which posts/topics are trending now, use that to keep tabs.

Google Trends & Google Alerts are another great source to make sure you are in the know of what is the hottest story for the day. The trend doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your vertical, as long as you can utilize it and make it relevant for your fans.

13, Share your experiences with product, good or bad

People always want to experience something new but can be hesitant about being the guinea pig.

Be the guinea pig for them.

Test out the products or experience your fans would be most interested in trying and then share the results. Use first person narrative as your share it, so they can understand the step by step process you went thru for them.

14, Be controversial

It’s good to be controversial by not agreeing to everything. State your opinion about a product, service, industry, trend etc.

And back it up with your personal story, data or research. Explain to your audience why you think the way you think and get them to see things from your perspective.

Write a blog post or do a short video and share it with your Facebook audience.

15, Host giveaways

We all love free stuff, so host giveaways for your fans.

host giveaways on facebook


Use the above-mentioned tips to engage with your fans. Always remember, to experiment and find out which combination of methods works best for you and use those.

If you have found other tips/methods that have worked well for you, please do share in the comments for our audience.


  1. Sabrina says:

    Great tips, I love #1, 5,6 thank you for sharing the tips.

    • Vishal Kalia says:

      thank you Sabrina.

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