artificial intelligence applications

Artificial Intelligence Applications Affecting 14 Areas of Fashion

Trend Forecasting, Clothing Insurance, AI Fashion Designer, Voice Ordering etc.
will Ai replace fashion designers

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Fashion Designers?

Discover how Amazon, Stitch Fix, and Myntra are using Artificial Intelligence to create new designs.
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19 Best Copywriting Formulas for Social Media Posts

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105 Coupon Submission Sites

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Event: Customer Acquisition and Retention strategies

Event Highlights with LE TOTE, STITCH FIX & Betabrand

Key points and tools list from a discussion on customer acquisition & retention strategies.
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VIDA: Turn your Art into Scarf & make Cash

Launch your collection with VIDA without any minimum order restrictions.
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How to Create Best Ecommerce Page

Step by Step guide that would enable to you increase conversions.
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How I got 313 likes, 39 clicks for $5 on Facebook.

Step by step process of how I used $5 to drive 315 engagements to my blog post
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Omni Channel Managed Services for Fashion Businesses

Marketing & Product support system for all Fashion Businesses.
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7 Email Opt-in Mistakes You Are Making & How to Fix Them

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12 Ways to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment & 3 Ways to Bring Customers Back

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Video: How to Capture your Fashion Business Model in 20 mins

If its taking you longer than 20 mins to capture your core business model, you are doing it wrong.