About Us


I am Vishal, Founder/CEO Rogueline.

I met with a number of fashion business owners, fashion desigers, boutique owners and each one of them had the same concern.

How do I get more customers and create strategic marketing campaigns to get most leads?

To help fashion businesses with this issue, we created Rogueline - a Digital Marketing Solution that is specifically tailored towards Fashion Businesses to drive more sales thru online ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, etc.

We specifically work with:

- Fashion Designers

- Fashion Boutiques

- Beauty Brands etc.

to drive more sales and users to their website via Facebook ads, SEO, Google Adwords, Content Marketing etc.

I have been working in digital marketing space for 12+ years and have:

- Increased traffic by 30-40% for multiple PM Companies by using geographical segmentation, mapping and keyword specific ad targeting.

- Managed $14 Million product portfolio and exhibited 13-15% yearly product growth for 5 years.

- Decreased clients churn rate by 25%-30% thus adding additional $700K-$800K in revenue per year for 3 years

As you can see, I know a thing or two about business development. :-) & drop us a message for FREE chat about your marketing needs and lets figure out a way to drive more traffic to your website.